Posted by: noblagg | November 5, 2010

Storm naming gripe…don’t take this one too seriously

You know something? I just realized that it probably would be best not to name storms. Naming storms, especially those that turn into devastating hurricanes, attaches as it were a personality to them…a status that elicits feelings of revenge and trauma at the mention of the name.

The way we feel when an acquaintance, friend or criminal has caused us distress is different from the way we feel when some natural occurrence has caused us similar distress. We tend to see the individual as a target of revenge whereas there is no one to blame as a result of a drought for instance.  Putting a person’s name to a natural disaster tends to blur these two lines.

I would at this time for instance be very concerned for the safety of anyone whose name is Tomas (without the “H” of course). I also wonder how anyone named Allen fared throughout August of 1980.

Alright…these thoughts may justifiably be considered as facetious but let us consider something. Certainly, when affected people remember names such as Allen…David…Marilyn…Hugo…Janet…Gilbert…Katrina…Tomas, there must be some very unpleasant flashbacks that overcome them.

That is the power of a name.


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