Posted by: noblagg | November 4, 2010

Thanks Kamla

For a leader of a prominent and better off nation in the region when asked for assistance by a hurricane-ravaged neighbour, to embellish her response with talk about how they can benefit from giving help is plain insensitive and selfish (I do also detect a tinge of arrogance in Mrs Persad-Bissessar’s voice). Alright…one can understand that any “accidental” perk or benefit derived from volunteerism (financial or otherwise) can be a welcomed surprise. Nevertheless, even if you may expect or foresee a benefit in you giving assistance to someone in need, it is undiplomatic to let your tongue out of your teeth cage and talk about it.

The sudden and unfortunate condition in which St. Vincent and St. Lucia have found themselves in, turns T&T’s PM’s comments into a tell-off. Placing a condition on potential assistance in such dire and overwhelming circumstances is certainly an untimely move at best.

But let’s talk about benefit regardless. How about the benefit of having the satisfaction of helping a neighbour in real serious need. No? OK. How about the benefit of helping people back on the feet as quickly as they can in order that they can resume their lives and economic pursuits so that your exports can return to full strength. No?

I suppose big T&T will never suffer any disaster, natural or otherwise and that if they do, they will require no help whatsoever. I suppose as well that the plethora of products imported from T&T providing a market for numerous manufacturers there and paying the salaries of many workers meant nothing. Maybe they can just get another market in a snap. I think the our fellow Trinies are cool folks…what was uncool was the statement of the leader.

Let us unite…peace.


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